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Cuvée Carbon


2002 Champagne Cuvée Carbon

  • Sparkling
  • Brut
  • Champagne Grand Cru

Formula One Champagne
This 2002 vintage Champagne has a pale gold color with a lovely brightness, a great finesse in the glass with a fine cordon of bubbles. The initial bouquet is very complex with buttery, brioche aromas and yellow fruit. On the palate, the attack is voluptuous and direct, confirming the first impression of finesse given by the bubbles.

Champagne CARBON is so unique that pairing shall remain behind the scene, leaving the sapce for the fabulous experience brought by Carbon Champagne.

The Winery : Champagne Devavry
The Devavry family cultivates some of the best slopes of the Champagne region, and has devoted years to this unique Cuvée.

Did you know ? The Champagne of the Formula 1 podium
The eagle eyed F1 fan may have noticed a new name featuring at the Monaco Grand Prix podium, that name, Carbon Champagne. As the name suggests, Carbon Champagne fits perfectly into the world of Formula One, with a unique carbon fibre surround crafted for the premium champagne.

Secret Blend

  • Secret blend of Pinot Noir
  • with an hint of Chardonnay