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2014 Côte de Nuits-Villages


Silver Medal | Burgundy Wine Selection

  • Pinot Noir
  • Red Fruits & Freshness
  • `Côte de Nuits-Villages, Burgundy

Tasting Note
Much of the lean and elegant taste of Chardonnay from Chablis is attributed to the qualities of the soil, climate, and traditions of the region.
Enjoy its freshness as an aperitif or, with a meal, pair it with seafood, fish or poultry in order to appreciate it's richness.

Customer Reviews

The Pinot’s healthy acidity cuts through the oiliness of pink-fleshed fish like salmon, ocean trout, and tuna. Its mild mannered tannins don’t fight with spicy food, and give it enough structure to pair with all sorts of poultry—chicken, quail, and especially duck. As the namesake wine of Boeuf Bourguignon, it can even match with heavier fare. Pinot Noir is also very vegetarian-friendly—most notably with any dish that features mushrooms. .

The winery
The Côte de Nuits is home to 24 Grand Cru vineyards and some of the world’s most expensive vineyard real estate. The area begins just south of Dijon and ends at the village of Corgoloin. 80% of the wines produced here are Pinot Noir.  This Côte de Nuits Village wines from Corgoloin is a classic full-bodied Burgundy with notes of blackcurrants, cherries, fresh red fruits, and earthy mushrooms and spices.  Terroir is particularly well exposed, the Perrières gives a wine of elegance, and describe the true identity of the Domaine. Very typical, with a dominant of red fruits, a lot of freshness and a beautiful.


  • 100% Pinot Noir

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